Dakoma - real expert in leather care.

We are a company founded in 1996. We operate in the production, distribution and technical consulting of professional chemicals for footwear and furniture.

We started from consulting and distribution of chemicals used for manufacturing and finishing shoes. Initially, it was the only activity. After three years, in 1999, together with Italian partner - GIRBA, we decided to start manufacturing a line of cosmetics for the care and maintenance of footwear and leather goods under our main brand COCCINE. With the passage of time (in 2003) to the offer also included a current produced in our insoles for shoes, and accessories - brushes, laces.

In 2004 we expanded its activities by entering the series offers professional resources for the care, preservation and restoration of wooden and stone surfaces under the brand Eltra. In 2000 he built a hall, which is our current headquarters. We have an office, warehouse and manufacturing part. At the moment we are on the Polish market leader in the finishing of the shoe and leather goods brand and GIRBA Dolezal, providing them to all the major footwear companies in Poland and harness.

Also on the market of shoe care products and skin six years after selling the first item of note COCCINE product successes, which culminates in the Gold Medal at Poznan International Fair Autumn 2006, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2016. We are present in the largest networks of sales of footwear (including the CCC, Wojas, Aspent).

Through its own sales network, we deliver our products to over 1,400 wholesale and retail customers. In addition to its leading brand, we created a ow-price products, and now we are working (expected date of completion: September 2007) on the introduction of exclusive cosmetics brand for leather and footwear - The Palmerston.

We are a company focused on rapid adaptation to market needs, service-oriented to meet the custom needs of the customer, allowing customer contact from one side to a clear understanding of their needs, the other on reliable information and increase consumer awareness in the care of footwear and leather.